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FAQ's on Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions Counselling - TNEA

1. I am having good cut off and I think I will get into any DOTE 1 (Government and Government Aided) colleges but my parents are asking me to join the nearby self-financed college in a free seat category. I am little confused. Will I lose anything if I don't join the DOTE 1 colleges?

If you are likely to get into a Government or Government aided college, that is reputed and is known for its immediate job opportunities through campus interview, please don't miss it. At the same time gather information from the nearby college also, regarding the campus interviews and other facilities.

The fees you may pay for your nearby college may be less than the expenditure you may incur comparatively if you calculate for four years. [Hostel boarding, lodging, travelling from your college to home, etc.]

So while in counseling if your favorite DOTE 1 colleges are filled up you can very well choose the nearby self financing college But don't yield only to parental pressures when it comes to choosing the best college. Because this is, once in a lifetime opportunity.

2. What is campus interview? And why is it so important?

Campus interview is to get yourself selected for a job offered by a company, who will come to college to select students for its company. Companies go to reputed colleges, which are known for its standard of students and education.

If you get selected in campus interviews, you will be joining the job right after the last day of your college in a better salary. If no campus interviews then you are placed as one among the thousands of fresh engineers who graduate every year. You have to compete with them and also with the experienced people to get into a job that may take its own time. Also the chance of finding a job in a big company with a better starting salary immediately" is very little, once you miss campus interviews. In short you will have to struggle initially to find a good job with decent pay if no campus interview.

3. Well, that means a job is assured if I join such reputed college?

No. The Companies are coming to reputed colleges to get best students. There are many factors are considered by different companies while recruiting. In order to make sure to get jobs through campus interview you should improve your skills in Academics, Communication & Personal development activities.

4. Does reputed college means the DOTE 1 colleges, Anna University only?

Not Always! Nowadays, self-financing colleges are equally good in establishing their names as good institutions and in some self-finance colleges the placements are really good. So kindly check the reputation about self-financing colleges before joining. Don't think yourself down if you don't get a chance in Anna University or in DOTE 1 Colleges.

5. What is a free seat? And why it is called so?

A free seat is a seat in a self finance college, where you don't need to pay much fees as compared to payment category. Certain percentage of the total seats in a self-financing college comes under free category.

6. What is payment seat?

A payment seat is the seat you get where you have to pay good amount of money as fee per annum. This amount is more than what you pay for the free seat category

7. What is the difference between Government-aided and Government colleges?

Government-aided colleges are run by a management trust, with the teaching faculty paid by the government. It is not 100% Government because it is administered by the management trust. However it does not fall in the self-finance college category. The advantages over the pure Government colleges may be in the motive of the managements to keep their college in the top. As a result they may have a little edge over the pure Government colleges but NOT always.

8. What is the advantage of self finance college?

A lot of self-finance colleges are run by renowned industrial owners. The management of these colleges desperately needs a name for their colleges. So they bring in the best to out beat their competitors. In this competition, naturally the beneficiaries are the students in getting the best in terms of facilities. Also, these colleges enforce a lot of discipline, like good attendance, etc. So the number of dropouts from studies compared to Government and Government aided are less. No wonder because of this students are more focused on their studies and top the university results. Nowadays Self financing colleges are able to attract most of the reputed industries for campus placements due to their excellent record.

9. What are the key factors in choosing a self-finance college?

Most of the people select the College, which has an established name. Secondly, students get themselves admitted in the nearest college. It will be better if the students themselves along with their parents or experienced persons visit the college physically and evaluate the facilities. Look for Computer facilities, etc. Talk with students to know the real situation of the college. Now a days there are number of private Engineering Colleges for the students to choose .So it is up to you to select it.

10. I am not having very good cutoff marks, maybe I will not be getting in the colleges you have mentioned above? What to do? Am I in a disadvantageous position right from the start?

No need to worry. The ultimate aim of any student is to be good in academics and get his degree. If you have good percentage then you will be at the top. So concentrate on your studies right from the day one. Try to participate in all extra-curricular activities in College, which will build your personality. With this combination you will be a sure winner. Also in 2014 when you will graduate, we are not sure of the technological demand that the world may be asking. Because the technology and the skills demanded today were not thought of 3 years ago. So don't worry. Give due weightage to academic and extracurricular activities. In fact, most of the successful people whom we interviewed did not have the opportunity of campus placements in their colleges but they are now at the top positions in their company with good salary and status. So don't worry. There are 4 years more to shape yourself up.

11. Do you have any other questions/doubts?

Send a mail to with your questions/doubts. We are happy to assist you.

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